Grant Applications Overview

The Foundation funds initiatives that support its mission to help all students at B-CC High School achieve academic success, support a school environment where every student matters, attract and retain the highest quality faculty, and strengthen the bond between the school and the community.

Funding guidelines

Grants funded by the Foundation are viewed as investments in the future of B-CC High School. The Foundation encourages innovative proposals and collaborative efforts across disciplines and between school administration, teachers, students, parents, and community. The Foundation funds programs to serve the diverse needs of the entire student population at B-CC High School.

All grant applications must be submitted, and administered by school approved administration and/or teachers.

Grant Guidelines

Proposal due dates and notification dates are as follows:

Fall Cycle:DUE DATE  October 14, 2019                        Notification by: December 16
Winter Cycle: DUE DATE – February 11, 2019              Notification by:  April 11
Spring Cycle: DUE DATE – April 15, 2019                       Notification by: June 17


  1. Download the application form and save with a new name that includes the program name and grant cycle due date. Please use this format:BCCEdF-App-ProgramName-16Apr18
    e.g., BCCEF-App-TAP-16Apr18
  1. Complete and then save the application again, email it to the principal with sufficient time for her to review and to give you feedback before the due date.
  2. Principal submits your application to the Foundation at:

Helpful hints:


The grants committee would like to have a sense of what you plan to do and what the impact of the grant will be. Below is an example for a STEM Construction Contest:

Overarching Goal:

To promote student interest in studying STEM fields, such as engineering and computer science, while taking advantage of the opportunity of having a major construction project on site.


Teams of 2-4 students will be encouraged to submit an entry to one of four contests aimed at solving problems created by the new construction. The staff members involved with this grant will be in charge of narrowing the entries to finalists, who will then present their work to the Principal’s STEM Parent Advisory Board, who will select the winners. Each winning team will receive a prize.


The construction problem contest will be open to all B-CC students. In the technology department, teachers will integrate the contests into classroom instruction, which will allow students in those classes to engage in solving authentic, real-world problems.


Program Goal:

Students will benefit from working in teams to solve an authentic STEM-related problem associated with the new addition construction.


We will evaluate our success by the number of entries to the four different contests, as well as by the quality of the entries. We would feel successful if at least 10 teams enter each contest. In terms of quality, we would expect that the winning entries can be fully implemented when the new addition opens in the fall.

 Potential Benefits to the B-CC Community

Community-level impacts include having a new building that runs more efficiently and effectively because of student contributions. We will be able to track long-term use of the parking algorithm, lighting programs, glare control measures, and building circulation procedures.


  1. Each grant should come with a detailed budget, submitted in a spreadsheet format.
  2. Teachers are compensated at $50.00 an hour plus FICA. Please be sure to include all the hours the teacher will spend.

Reports and Reimbursement

When the grant period is completed, the grantee should provide:

  1. A final a report using the following form: FINAL REPORT FORM
  2. A request for reimbursement of expenses, with appropriate substantiation (including receipts) using the following form: GRANT REIMBURSEMENT FORM
  3. The request for reimbursement must be submitted by the following due dates:
  • Summer Program: August 15
  • Fall Semester: January 31
  • Spring Semester: June 15

Failure to submit substantiation and receipts by the above due dates may result in denial of reimbursement.

Professional Development Grants

The Foundation provides funding for professional development grants through the Principal. If you are interested in a professional development grant, please contact the principal for the appropriate forms.

More Reading

Our Impact

The Foundation’s Campaign for Academic Excellence provides a continuum of year-round integrated academic support and enrichment programs that promote high academic standards and success for all students at B-CC High School.


Partnership with B-CC High School Since 1995

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Educational Foundation was established in 1995 during a time of declining enrollment and deteriorating facilities at B-CC High School. The Foundation took on the charge to help improve school facilities, raise academic rigor, and re-engineer B-CC for the 21st Century

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Educational Foundation was established in 1995 during a time of declining enrollment and deteriorating facilities at B-CC High School. The Foundation took on the charge to help improve school facilities, raise academic rigor, and re-engineer B-CC for the 21st Century.

Foundation Net Revenue 1996-2018 By the summer of 2018, the Foundation has raised more than $2.9 million to meet that challenge and has been investing in academic excellence at B-CC High School for more than two decades. With new programs and a newly modernized facility that was completed in February 2002, B-CC’s enrollment, reflecting community confidence in the school, has been increasing steadily ever since, from 1,076 students in 1995 to 2,096 students in 2018.

The generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, students, businesses, and community members has made it possible for the Foundation to fund innovative academic support programs that promote high academic standards and support success for all B-CC students. In the process, the Foundation helped bring several “firsts” to B-CC High School:

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