The Foundation provides high-impact grants that help all B-CC High School students achieve academic success in a school environment where every student matters.

We prioritize funding three types of programs:

Academic Support to ensure all students are supported to meet their potential.

College Readiness to ensure all students who want to attend college are prepared and supported to meet that goal.

Professional Development to attract and retain the highest quality faculty and strengthen the bond between the school and the community.

Academic Support

TAP (Time for Academic Progress)

TAP is an after-school academic support program staffed by B-CC teachers. TAP offers the entire student body support in all levels of English, math, science, and social studies. From homework help and feedback on papers to test preparation, TAP is flexibly designed to meet the real-time needs of students. The program is structured as a drop-in, housed in multiple classrooms or, in the 2020/21 school year, offered virtually.

Summer Academy Program

9th Grade Summer Academy
The 9th Grade Academy is designed for incoming 9th graders who would benefit from extra support transitioning to high school. Educators provide an introduction to English, math, and science classes while teaching study skills and providing a general introduction to the school.

10th Grade Summer Academy
This summer program is designed to help academically at-risk rising 10th graders identify their post-high school goals and plan their high school coursework to reach them.

AP/IB Summer Workshops

These one-week summer programs, one for rising 10th graders and another for rising 11th graders, introduce students to the rigor of AP and IB coursework and help them build the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in these programs. Student panels, coursework exposure, and team-building activities create a culture of success for students new to higher-level academics.

Urban Planning Summer Workshop

This summer workshop introduces students to the field of urban planning, culminating in a student-designed project that is evaluated by a panel of urban planning professionals.

International Baccalaureate Program

The Foundation established the first Montgomery County open-access International Baccalaureate Program for grades 11 and 12 at B-CC. Today, it continues to ensure all students have access by paying exam and registration fees for students who are unable to afford these fees but who do not meet the criteria to receive funding from the Maryland State Department of Education.

Link Crew

Link Crew is a nationally recognized high school transition program designed to build community among students from multiple middle schools as they enter a large high school setting for the first time. This year-long mentoring program pairs Link Leaders (11th and 12th grade students) with diverse cohorts of freshmen. Beginning at orientation, Link Leaders help build a social and academic network for the cohort, creating a sense of belonging intended to surround students for their entire high school experience. The Foundation co-funds this B-CC program with the PTSA.

B-CC Annual Writing Contest

This annual writing contest, sponsored by B-CC’s student literary magazine, Chips, and B-CC’s English Department, and supported by the B-CC HS Educational Foundation, is open to the entire school. Students are invited to submit entries in four categories (short story, personal essay, poetry, and drama) to be judged by professional writers at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda.

Departmental Support

The Foundation’s annual grants program provides funding for equipment, supplies, and support programs requested by various departments at B-CC.

Recent examples of departmental grants include:

    • Art: A grant to pay for a ceramics visiting artist.
    • B-CC High School Website: A grant provides partial funding for maintaining an expanded B-CC High School website to enhance communication and to create a more informed and involved community.
    • Dance: A grant to enable students in the new B-CC dance program to perform in the MCPS Dance Showcase and attend master classes.
    • Journalism: A grant to Tattler, B-CC’s student newspaper, to help cover the cost of printing, web hosting, editorial and design program licenses, animation software for B-CC TV, and special current events programming.
    • Math: A grant for a subscription to the Quest Homework Database.
    • Music: A grant for a percussion coach for the music department.
    • Sources of Strength: A grant for a suicide prevention program
    • TOEFL: A grant to create equity for waiver-eligible ESOL students who are required or would benefit from taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language as their college entrance exam.

Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program

The Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program builds leadership skills in 10th and 11th graders through a series of seminars and meetings with local leaders that culminates in a 200-hour community service project designed by each student. Students become fellows through a competitive application process.

College Readiness

B-CC CollegeTracks

CollegeTracks is a college pathways program incubated through the B-CC HS Educational Foundation and now adopted at multiple high schools across Montgomery County. The program is designed to ensure all B-CC graduates have the opportunity to choose a higher education pathway regardless of their family’s income or college-going experience. CollegeTracks staff and volunteers help students navigate the application process, financial aid, and a myriad of individual barriers to college success. Mentorship is a multi-year process, following students from high school through college graduation.

College Essay Writing Workshop

B-CC’s English department provides students with focused instruction and individual feedback as they write and complete their college essays. The summer workshop setting emphasizes peer learning and collaboration and most students finish the workshop with a completed essay ready for submission.

Professional Development

The Foundation is the only source of funding for teacher professional development at B-CC. Professional development grants support the principal’s priorities and over the years have included topics like racism and unconscious bias, student safety and wellbeing, technology and education, and discreet curriculum training. Funds support teachers' attendance at workshops and conferences as well as day-long professional training at B-CC.

To learn more about any of these projects, please email us at

Girls Leadership Workshop

A one-week summer program of leadership skill building and empowerment activities for 10th-12th grade girls, to provide them motivation and the skills needed to be leaders in their communities.

Departmental Grants

Arts in Education Poetry Residency

Provided a grant, matching one from the Maryland State Arts Council, to the English Department for a poetry residency at B-CC.

B-CC College Connection

Designed to guide students and their families through the college admission process, the program partnered students with mentors to help them with applications, financial aid, SAT prep and other related steps.

B-CC Community Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for college-bound B-CC students who are facing financial hardships and would otherwise not be able to attend college.

Bethesda Area Student Enrichment (BASE) Program

Provided academics and mentoring for suspended students to encourage positive social and emotional change, in collaboration with local churches, temples, high schools, and middle schools.

The Bridge Program

A summer program for students who did not pass one or more of their high school assessments (HSAs) to work on their special “Bridge Projects,” a requirement to graduate.

Career Shadow Day

In partnership with B-CC Chamber of Commerce, students received an inside view of a variety of jobs and opportunities, spending an entire day following a person in a career in which they were interested.

College and Career Connections

A three-week summer program designed for rising 11th and 12th graders to guide them through the college search, application, and financial aid process.

Computer Labs

The establishment of six labs, each with 33 computers, throughout the school for regular classroom instructions.

Computer repair and maintenance classes

A pilot course in computer upgrading and technical support, including network management and C++ programming, which received overwhelming student support.

The Cyber Café

Opened in 2003 with access to the Internet for students’ use before and after school and during lunch, the Café provided the newest learning environment to support higher student achievement at B-CC, especially for those without access to computers outside school.

Department Program Support

Art Department: A visiting artist to teach art/life drawing in studio art classes.


  • Support for the Girls’ Youth Leadership Group for African-American and Hispanic girls in 10th-12th grades in its weekly lunch meetings, college visits, and attendance at the Youth Leadership Summit.
  • Grant to cover the fees for fee-waivers eligible TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam takers after MCPS limited aid to only AP and IB exam takers in FY2016.

English Department:

  • A Lunch Bunch program for at-risk 10th, 11th, and 12th graders to help them prepare for the English High School Assessment (HSA) test that was a graduation requirement.
  • Funding for an artist to provide professional development/training to students in the theater program and for students to participate in a Broadway Dreams Foundation Master Class.

ESOL Department: Cultural enrichment activities for more than 80 ESOL students.

Journalism – The Tattler Senior Magazine: Funding for the printing of the Senior Magazine at the end of the school year.

Media Center: Purchased textbooks for Government, History, Psychology, Biology, and Physics classes for students to use in the Media Center before school, during lunch, and after school.

Career Center: Grant to help defray the cost of Career Partnership Day

Media Center: Grant for the purchase of two Apple iMac computers and a multimedia projector that has the resolution, brightness, and image size needed for large group presentation, facilitating multi-class events in the auditorium, cafeteria, and gymnasium.

Music: Grant for the purchase of two ipads to replace older laptops allowing better recordings and other options to enhance rehearsals, and a scanner to scan music for posting on the website to facilitate access by students.

Physics: Grant for the purchase of customizable model rocket kits.

Technology: Grant for a projector and equipment to reconfigure the classroom to facilitate instruction and student interaction.

Math and Science: Annual subscription to the Quest homework database for teachers and students in Math and Science.

Music Department: A pilot program using professional musicians from the Washington Conservatory of Music for coaching sessions with student instrumental groups, “brown-bag” clinics, and a new set of drums and a bass for the orchestras and bands.

Family Learning Solutions

This literacy program within the Rosemary Village Cooperative in the B-CC cluster paired students with help for reading and vocabulary.

High Tech Equipment Upgrades

A brand new system of computers for the school’s Media Center for students’ use before, during, and after school; also high tech upgrades for the English, Science, and Math Departments.

Founded: First Open-Access International Baccalaureate Program

Seed money and supplemental funding for this academically rigorous world-recognized program, including funding for teacher training and curriculum materials.

Journalism and Media Literacy Intensive Workshop

A two-week summer workshop for B-CC and Westland students to develop their non-fiction reading, writing, and analytical skills to meet new or changing state and national standards.

Language Lab

Funded the first-ever Language Lab with a 32-person, state of-the-art language learning center, with high-tech teacher and student workstations, benefiting the 90% of B-CC students who were in foreign language and ESOL classes. The Foundation continues to fund the upgrades of the lab’s equipment and central operating system.

Master Classes

Offered in partnership with Strathmore Hall Arts Center, highly talented performers custom crafted their lesson to B-CC needs. Using music and drama, they explored history, literature, writing, and language with students at every grade level. This program reached all students at B-CC High School.

Mentoring Program for New Teachers

A mentoring program for experienced teachers to support new teachers at B-CC in the 2013-2014 school year. Cuts in consulting and staff development teacher and mentor positions at MCPS substantially reduced the level of support new teachers receive.

Monitoring Modernization

Independent architectural and technical review during the 2000-2002 modernization ensuring the new B-CC would have the best possible design and structure.

Parent Computer Classes

Two seven-week basic computer skills classes at B-CC’s Cyber Cafe for ESOL and Latino parents in the B-CC Cluster schools to help them learn the technology they need to be engaged in their children’s education.

Parent ESOL Program

Two 12-week ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses, provided in cooperation with Montgomery College teachers, to help B-CC cluster parents improve their English-language skills and their interaction with schools and teachers.

Professional Development Fund

Funding over 50 teachers’ participation in seminars and workshops with emphasis on training for new educational tools and instructional programs. These teachers multiplied the benefits by training their colleagues.

Russian Exchange Program

Supplemental funding for a student exchange program with Moscow School 45. This nationally recognized program, established in the Reagan Administration, brought a true cross-cultural experience to B-CC students.

Science Fairs

Grants to cover Science Fair expenses for students for whom these expenses were a hardship.

Special Education

Substitutes’ time for special education teachers during HSA training and planning day.

Study Hall

Curriculum development for a study hall where students learn various organizational methods, communication skills, and study habits.

Study Skills

Targeted at academically-at-risk students with a 2.5 grade point average or below.

Summer Math Institute

One-week intensive summer program to support incoming 9th graders registered for honors math at B-CC.

Welcoming Diversity

Student training to build cultural diversity at school.

Writers’ Residency Program

English class writing workshops led by community-based and alumni writers.

The Foundation funds initiatives to help all students at B-CC High School achieve academic success and prepare for college and careers, and to attract and retain the highest quality faculty.


All grant applications must be submitted and administered by school administration-approved individuals and/or teachers.

Teachers and staff should submit professional development grants directly to  the school’s Principal.  Professional development grants are a separate process handled by the Principal and funded by the Foundation. Please note the Foundation does not fund student clubs; our grants are dedicated to our educator-led programs designed to prepare students for academic success. Those interested in club funding opportunities should contact B-CC's PTSA.

We look forward to working with you! Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or comments:

Grant Application Due Dates

We accept grant applications three times a year: October 15th, February 15th, and April 15th (or the first school day after the 15th if it falls during the weekend).  Please note you must work with the school's Principal and Business Office before submitting a grant. This is to make sure there are no other funding sources and the program/equipment is eligible for reimbursement by MCPS.

You will find the instructions and application form here: APPLICATION FORM

The B-CC HS Educational Foundation hosts several events throughout the year for current parents, alumni, and community members. We love the opportunity to get together with those who support our efforts as well as meet new people who want to learn more about what we do, volunteer, or contribute financially.

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